The Freeman Magazine - Spring 2015

The Freeman Magazine - Spring 2015


The Freeman is the flagship publication of the Foundation for Economic Education and one of the oldest and most respected journals of liberty in America. For more than 50 years it has uncompromisingly defended the ideals of the free society. Through its articles, commentaries and book reviews, several generations of Americans have learned the consequences and contradictions that flow from collectivism, interventionism, and the welfare state.

Spring 2015 is the inaugural issue of our new format. It's full-color, contains beautiful illustrations, and has sturdy binding for display on a bookshelf or coffee table. Articles include:

  • 50 More Ways To Leave Leviathan
  • Should Google Run A City?
  • There's No Such Thing As An Unregulated Market
  • And many more! 

No other magazine, outlet, or scholarly journal introduces readers to so many implications of what the free society is all about: its moral legitimacy, its tremendous efficiency, and its liberating effects in every area of life. 

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